Would you suggest I join a group like Weight Watchers post op?

Post op you will need to follow your meal plan and adhere to dietary guidelines. Weight watchers may not be useful for several months following surgery since their plan is based on points that equal calories. Your caloric intake will be less than what they will advise and your portions will be limited and sometimes based on what you can tolerate. Our program encourages you to attend group meeting help weekly but the most important thing is that you have a system of support at home. You are welcome to come before the surgery, post op and often as you feel you need to be there.

The group environment allows you to stay connected to your bariatric team and patients who have had the surgery or intend to and would like to hear about your journey. If you have emotional eating concerns consider both Overeaters anonymous or private counseling. The surgery will facilitate the weight loss but the long term weight loss and maintenance will only be successful if you learn to manage how and why obesity and weight gain became a concern prior to surgery.