What do you mean by a puree diet?

When you start the puree diet keep in mind the following guidelines:

1. All foods should be a baby food consistency. You should be able to eat anything you puree with a spoon.

2. Use lowfat and/or fat free products. For example if you puree chicken or tuna fish you can add lowfat mayonnaise. You can also add reduced fat salad dressings, mustard or low sodium chicken broth to moisten the proteins.

3. Try to eat 3 meals per day. If you get full it is normal but the idea is to give structure to your meal plan and do not skip meals. The portions should be between 2 and 4 ounces.

4. Drink the protein supplements between meals. Take the protein powder and add 4 ounces of skim plus milk. Try adding ice in the blender and cinnamon, equal or an artificial sweetener if you need flavor.

5. It may help to make a schedule and keep a food diary so that you avoid drinking to close to your meals. Remember liquids can be consumed 30 minutes before the meal and an hour and a half after the meal.

6. It may be challenging to get your liquids in since you are now eating meals and using the supplement. The goal is to drink at least 48-64 ounces of water or crystal light or any non caloric beverage per day.