How can I control my hunger, get enough fluid and not stretch my pouch?

The recommended portion size is 2-4 ounces during the puree phase of the diet. Each person’s intake will vary and may change daily or from one meal to the next. When ready, you will not stretch the pouch by eating approximately 4 ounces at a time. If you are feeling hungry and limiting liquids; increase your fluid intake between meals. This will give you a feeling of satiety. It can be dangerous to advance your diet too quickly.

We suggest that you start by making a schedule for the liquids. Try increasing your fluid intake from 4-6 ounces every hour to 8 ounces every hour. The absolute maximum that you can consume is approximately 8 ounces at each meal. Now that you are consuming puree foods and protein supplements between meals it may be helpful to track your intake daily. This will help you to maintain adequate hydration while separating liquids from solids. Also, create a meal plan that includes precise hours of the day and use this to guide your daily intake.