What diet changes do I have to make after Gallbladder surgery?

The gallbladder stores about 50ml of bile which is produced in the liver, emulsifies fats and neutralizes acids in partly digested food. After being stored in the gallbladder, the bile becomes more concentrated than when it leaves the liver, increasing its potency and intensifying its effect on fats. Most digestion occurs in the duodenum.

After your gallbladder is removed surgically there are no long term restrictions on your diet. Some people do complain of increased gas or bloating after meals for up to several weeks after surgery but these complaints are similar as to other operations on the intestines and will improve within a few weeks of having your operation.

Typically a safe suggestion is to alter your diet (at least temporarily during the post-operative period) and to try to eat in a 'heart healthy' manner which includes restricting amounts of saturated fats and high cholesterol foods.