Yoga Suggestions for the Obese Beginner

As the causes of obesity can often be attributed to degrees of physical, mental, and emotional imbalance, we hypothesize that Yoga can be one of the best health activities for obese individuals. Yoga is a traditional art that originated in India. Regular practice of Yoga often brings about improvements in physical, mental, and spiritual health. Yoga is thus a holistic approach to life that uplifts the practitioner.

When it comes to exercise, obese individuals find their choices to be rather limited. Obesity can hamper movement and is also restrictive in other ways. When individuals are constrained by their weight, they may suffer arthritis and pain in their knees, chafing of inner thighs, breathlessness and inability to maintain a high intensity exercise program.

A Yoga posture is termed asan(s) and these asans promote physical strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Yoga can be done with little or no stress whatsoever and the postures have a healing effect that goes beyond physical muscle toning. In fact, there are postures designated to stimulate and benefit each and every organ of the body. For example, there are asans to stimulate a sluggish liver, promote pancreas activity, stimulate the pituitary and endocrine glands, stoke the digestive fires, improve digestion, improve blood circulation, and overall body metabolism.

Yoga poses vary in difficulty. Obese individuals should begin by learning and practicing the easier postures. Choose three or four poses and practice these. Even ten-fifteen minutes of practice a day will yield results; you will notice an increase in your suppleness, flexibility, stamina, and overall well-being.

Join a yoga class where you can learn from an instructor or look up yoga postures online. There are many good and reliable resources that will guide you with detailed video and text instructions. Interact with other obese practitioners of yoga on health forums. Ask them about yoga asans that benefited them the most and any setbacks they experienced. Find out about the dos and don'ts.

Some of the yoga asans that obese individuals can consider include trikonasan, tadasan, sukhasan, vajrasan, matsyasan, and shavasan. Check out the procedures, benefits, and contraindications with respect to each pose. All yoga poses are performed following simple and natural breathing patterns. In fact, anulom-vilom is a simple yogic action that teaches the practioner to breathe correctly. It helps calm the mind and encourages contemplation.

Before beginning any form of exercise, be it yoga or pilates it is advisable to discuss the matter with your doctor. You will get an idea of your physical and medical limitations and postures to avoid. The key is to start very slow and with simple postures that do not cause pain or strain. Breathing exercises may be one of the simplest and safest ways to start practicing yoga.

Yoga is a holistic science and diet plays an important role. The diet associated with Yoga is formulated according to body types or humors defined in Yogic texts. A Yogic diet is aimed at cleansing the body. A light and healthy diet can improve your practice and how you feel throughout the day.

The typical Yoga diet emphasizes whole grains, legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables as a part of diet. It is a low-fat diet that is packed with nutrition and this fact increases its significance for obese individuals. Yoga has recognized and elaborated on aspects of diet that are now being recognized as valid and important for health. One such example includes not skipping meals and not eating when angry or depressed.

Yoga is a discipline that helps teach balance in life. On a physical level it improves breathing and posture. Some of the key aspects of good practice include moderation and not overdoing it when it comes to diet and activity. The key to beginning yoga is that you need to start slow and realistic to your current state of health. Start with something as simple as breathing exercises. Have fun with it and slowly add in some stretches and poses.

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Yoga Suggestions for the Obese Beginner