Nuestro Equipo

Nuestro equipo de oficina

Entendemos que su decisión y la posible necesidad de cirugía pueden ser estresantes. Trabajamos juntos para hacer todo lo posible para aliviar las fuentes de estrés e incertidumbre en su atención quirúrgica.

Los miembros de nuestro equipo trabajan juntos en nuestra oficina para proporcionar a los pacientes un entorno cómodo y profesional durante todo el proceso quirúrgico. Nuestro profesionalismo se extiende a nuestra capacidad de coordinar con sus médicos referentes y otros especialistas médicos. Nuestro equipo de oficina y nuestra conveniente ubicación sirven como recursos importantes para su cuidado quirúrgico preoperatorio y postoperatorio. Compartimos una dedicación que nos permite aliviar sus preocupaciones y responder a sus preguntas tanto como sea posible.

Charity Spencer

Charity Spencer-
Charity joined Dr. Belsley’s practice in 2016 and plays a vital role in organizing your surgical process. Her dedication and attention to detail are indispensable assets that will help reduce the stress of your operation.

Charity Spencer is instrumental in guiding our patients through the surgical process. Her role includes gathering all necessary documentation and precertification required for surgery. Charity provides our patients with pre-surgical guidelines, schedules office visits and organizes and attends the weekly group meetings. Her nearly ten years of healthcare experience allows her to effectively manage day-to-day operations and keep the office running smoothly. She ensures a smooth and effortless process in conducting behind the scenes tasks.

Charity also helps lead the Spanish Bariatric Support groups. Her cultural perspectives as well as her experience working with bariatric patients throughout every stage of the process from initial consultations to post-surgical visits helps her understand the many issues involved.

Jennifer Matte, MSHS, RPA-C

Jennifer Matte, MSHS, RPA-C
Jennifer joins Dr. Belsley’s team with an extensive interest and passion for helping patients attain their treatment goals with a successful lifelong treatment plan. While earning her Master of Science in Health Sciences, she focused on the bariatric surgery patient population for her master’s thesis.

Jennifer Matte completed her undergraduate degree in Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior with a minor in Human Development at the University of California, Davis. After graduation, Jennifer worked with patients at the Children’s Hospital and Research Center, Oakland and at a private primary care and cosmetic dermatology office in Berkeley, California.

Jennifer’s work after her undergraduate studies helped prepare her for her career in medicine. She returned to the East Coast, where she grew up, to earn her Physician Assistant degree at Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences where she specialized in surgery.

Rita Fernandez, RDN, CDN

Rita Fernandez, RDN, CDN
Licensed in the state of New York, Rita is a member of the American Dietetic Association as well as Weight Management and Diabetes Care and Education dietetic practice groups.

A passion for healthy eating and cooking led Rita to pursue a career in dietetics. Since 1995, Rita has helped clients with weight management, diabetes, kidney disease, gastrointestinal disorders, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and prenatal nutrition.

Rita’s whole food approach to nutrition will have you eating and feeling better while achieving your weight loss goals. Specifically tailored to your tastes and lifestyle, her individualized approach to weight management will teach you to build on your strengths and transcend your weaknesses. Instead of a diet she will guide you through making a lifetime commitment towards better eating.

Rita’s dedicated approach and over twenty years of experience in dietetics makes her a very valuable member of our team. She is also fluent in Spanish.